Law Day
Special Edition
  • Legal aid clinics have, for the most part, managed to stay afloat as other social services begin to sink after nearly a full year without a state budget. Even so, clinic directors warn that their agencies aren't immune and face cutbacks of their own.
  • About 200 different special interests have played the role of amici curiae to help Illinois’ top justices resolve cases by either joining in separate arguments or providing their own from 2011 through 2015.
  • The U.S. Constitution includes "an important safeguard" allowing citizens to bypass Congress and propose amendments to the Constitution themselves. Scholars John O. McGinnis, Michael Leachman and Kyle Maichle debate whether Americans should invoke the provision of Article V.
  • If you're a regular at the Daley Center, chances are you've slammed into a scheduling conflict and called a colleague to cover a court call. Maybe you've even asked yourself, Is there an app for that? If a group of Chicago lawyers has it's way, there will be an app this summer that will allow you to pull out your smartphone and hire an attorney to handle routine status calls.
  • Jay Edelson
    He’s seen Silicon Valley’s vision for the future, and it’s enough to keep him awake at night. If the tech wizards get their way, says Chicago attorney Jay Edelson, we will soon be living in a world of total interconnectivity.
  • Olivia Tyrrell
    One attorney intent on keeping M&A work in Chicago — and away from New York — is Baker & McKenzie's Olivia Tyrrell, who has advised Abbott Laboratories and other pharmaceutical firms in some of the biggest deals in that industry over the past two years. She has managed global deal teams of more than 1,000 lawyers in 50 countries.
  • Jeanette Turner wanted to tell her story no matter how hard she had to work to do it.
Sporting Judgment
  • Paradigm Shift

    It’s spring, baseball and politics upon us, and we are reminded of the national pastime’s unique influence on our American language (left field), culture (Jackie Robinson), law (antitrust), and even the Supreme Court.
  • After the Whistle

    In the 1980s (when TVs still had picture tubes and cellphones were non-existent) the Partnership for a Drug-Free America launched a 30-second public service announcement in which a man held up an egg, saying: “This is your brain.”
  • B2C

    Illinois is among the states embroiled in the widening dispute over the legality of daily fantasy sports. It’s also one of the states where competing interests are vying to control the future of the online daily fantasy industry within its borders.
Lawyers' Forum
  • Women at Law

    That the substantive law has changed over the years and continues to do so is not a revelation. Nor is it really unexpected. Indeed, the law prides itself on its ability to justly conform to evolving ideals, changed circumstances and technological advances.
  • Sole Speak

    The Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission’s 2016 registration form required new details from attorneys in private practice. The questions were added pursuant to recently amended Supreme Rule 756, which now compels disclosure of “the type of entity at which the attorney practices law, the number of attorneys in that organization, the principal areas of law in which the attorney practices and whether that organization has established a written succession plan.”
  • Professionalism

    Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne M. Burke recently addressed The John Marshall Law School students and alumni on the topic of professionalism within the legal profession. In her February talk, Burke wisely noted that lawyers are expected to be lawyers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Origination Station

    In the Declaration of Independence it states that “all men are created equal.” While this may apply to how we treat others with respect and dignity, we can choose to be more selective with whom we invest our valuable time.
  • Court Technology

    Recently, Illinois’ 22nd Judicial Circuit Court in McHenry County installed an e-bench product for judges from Mentis Technologies Solutions LLC called aiSMARTBENCH.
  • Ask Snap-D

    Dear Snap-D: We are changing office locations from a space on LaSalle Street in the hustle and bustle of the Loop. Rents are high. We are considering moving our offices farther west since we will save a significant amount in rent. In your opinion, does this affect our marketability?
  • Health Law

    Illinois is the latest state to put a law on the books permitting electronic monitoring in nursing homes — “granny cams” as they are affectionately referred to in the long-term care industry.
  • Modern Family

    With the adoption of the new Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act this year, several changes have been implemented affecting both the characterization and valuation of marital and nonmarital property in divorce cases.
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